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Lamdon Ladakh promotes Intergenerational Connection & Gratitude through visit to Senior Citizens...

In a society that often overlooks the value of intergenerational connections and fails to prioritize quality time with grandparents, Lamdon School takes a proactive stance in honoring the elderly as an integral part of its teaching objectives. As part of the Lamdon Golden Jubilee Celebrations and the Lamdon Yarchos Chenmo, the compassion group of the school launched a remarkable social contact program by visiting Senior Citizens Homes in Ladakh. The initiative aims to foster acceptance, affection, and compassion towards elders, demonstrating the school's belief that children have the power to make a positive difference.

Aligned with the theme of "Connecting people through Science, Secular Ethics, and Compassion," our students today embarked on this ambitious endeavor during their visit to the Help Age India Old Age Home. The event saw students showcasing their talents through heartfelt songs and dances dedicated to the senior citizens. The highlight of the visit was the invaluable opportunity for students to spend quality time with the elder inmates at the Home. Witnessing the bond that formed between the students and the seniors was reminiscent of a close-knit family, with warmth and support flowing both ways. The interactions between the young minds and the elderly residents provided profound lessons on gratitude and the significance of human connection, leaving a lasting impact on all involved.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Manager and staff at the Elderly Home for graciously welcoming our students and facilitating their meaningful interactions with the home's inhabitants. We are especially thankful to the Manager for introducing us about the remarkable contributions made by Help Age India and Help Age Global, organizations dedicated to serving society, particularly in Ladakh. Their initiatives, such as Mobile Health Services, Advocacy, and Legal Services, have significantly uplifted the community.

As we commemorate the Lamdon Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Lamdon School remains committed to nurturing compassion and empathy among our students. We are proud of the positive influence they have demonstrated in this initiative, and we eagerly anticipate many more moments of shared joy and learning in the future.

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