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Spread across 70 acres, the school imparts education to more than 2000 students from Kindergarten (Pre-Primary) through 12th grade. Our infrastructure covers all the facilities required for growth and care of a child.  We have residential facilities for more than 25% of our students.  A vast land within the campus has been planted with variety of trees and medicinal plants providing a healthy environment for students.  We place immense importance on extracurricular activities, along with traditions and values, for a child to grow into a successful and virtuous human being. The school has eight branches spread across remote areas of Ladakh to benefit children who cannot travel to city for education.

The school is devoted to helping children from poor and remote background and, as on December 2019, has over 375 children sponsored by different individual and organisational donors.


The school is blessed to have been honoured with the presence and support of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. It is His blessings and the wholehearted contribution of various Rinpoches, well-wishers and sponsors that has made Lamdon School one of the most reputed schools of Ladakh today.

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