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Nurturing Wisdom: Dialectics Classes and Workshops for Lamdon Students at Lukhil Khangtsen Mundgod, Karnataka

Dialectics Classes and lessons at Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School aligns deeply with the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who has long emphasized the importance of education and intellectual growth as a means to foster understanding, harmony, and spiritual enlightenment. His Holiness's teachings and guidance have been instrumental in shaping the educational ethos of Ladakh, particularly concerning the study of dialectics. He envisions a future where students are not only well-versed in the philosophical intricacies of Buddhist thought but also possess the critical thinking skills necessary to engage in meaningful dialogues, promote tolerance, and contribute positively to society.


The Dialectics Classes and lessons at Lamdon Leh bear witness to our unwavering dedication to preserving its rich cultural and intellectual heritage. They provide students with a unique opportunity to engage with dialectics under the guidance of renowned scholars, enriching their knowledge and nurturing their intellectual curiosity. This tradition not only strengthens the educational landscape of Ladakh but also fosters a wider appreciation of Buddhist philosophy and thought.


We are thrilled to share that a month-long workshop for the students of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School is currently underway at Lukhil Khangtsen Mundgod, Karnataka, South India- A serene setting that provides the perfect backdrop for delving into the rich tapestry of Buddhist wisdom and philosophy. 33 students along with our dialectics teacher Ven. Geshe Thupstan Dhondup, Teacher Ms. Rinchen and one non Teaching staff are participating in this workshop.


The workshop is organized with meticulous care and dedication for the fortunate participants of our school who are in this intellectual journey, immersing themselves in a holistic exploration of Buddhist thought, language intricacies, ethical considerations, and an insightful introduction to Buddhism as a profound way of life.


As we witness the convergence of minds and the sharing of knowledge, the Lamdon School Administration extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Drepung Loseling & Lukhil Khangtsen, two esteemed institutions committed to fostering knowledge and cultural exchange for fostering this workshop and wishes all our students the best of luck.


May this month-long endeavor be a beacon of enlightenment, fostering a deep understanding of Buddhist principles and encouraging a harmonious way of living to our students.

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