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It is important for us that we provide a safe and supportive environment to our students and staff for them to learn and lead each day.

Lamdon is the only school in Ladakh to have a dedicated Health Center located inside the campus. The building was funded by Mr. Bill Kite of the US, in memory of his late father Roy A. Kite, Jr. The Center looks after general health of the students with three especially strong branches: dental, eye care and girls’ health. It has its own staff on board but also keeps working with volunteers. The Health Center is the place to go if a student is ill or suffers an injury or has any health-related question.

The school organizes health seminar for the parents once a year. This is to provide them practical advice and information and making them aware of their responsibilities in taking care of their kids’ health.

content side pic_Ms Yangchan Dolma, Heal

Ms Yangchan Dolma

Healthcare Worker

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