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Indian Navy Conducts Successful Outreach Program at Lamdon School in Ladakh

The Indian Navy, as part of its ongoing efforts to engage with local communities, conducted a significant visit to Lamdon School Leh today. Led by the esteemed Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral R. Hari Kumar, accompanied by his wife and a team of officers, the visit showcased the importance of fostering interaction between naval officers and students. The enthusiasm displayed by the students towards joining the defense services, particularly the Navy, was evident throughout the event.

Dr. Stanzin Dawa, Principal, Lamdon School Leh, extended a warm welcome to Admiral R. Hari Kumar, his wife Smt. Kala Hari Kumar and their entourage on behalf of the school community. Expressing gratitude for selecting Lamdon School as the venue for this outreach program, Dr. Dawa emphasized the significance of such initiatives in enhancing students' knowledge about the Indian Navy. Furthermore, he requested an exposure program for both students and faculty, to provide them with a deeper understanding of the Navy's operations and values.

Admiral R. Hari Kumar expressed his delight at the overwhelming response from the students, who exhibited a keen interest in the outreach program. During his interactions with the students and faculty, Admiral Kumar underscored the importance of active participation by the youth of Ladakh in the defense services, including the Navy. He encouraged the students to contemplate a career in the Indian Navy and shared valuable insights into the various requirements and opportunities available.

Commander Neelam Kandpal, a distinguished officer from the Indian Navy, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the necessary background and qualifications for joining the Navy. This informative session equipped the students with essential information about the path to a career in the Navy. The students displayed great enthusiasm and engaged Commander Kandpal with thought-provoking questions, further igniting their curiosity about the Indian Navy.

As a tribute to the Chief of Naval Staff and the Indian Navy, the talented Melody Group of Lamdon School Leh performed a powerful patriotic song. This heartfelt rendition showcased the students' appreciation and respect for the armed forces and their unwavering commitment to the nation's defense.

The Indian Navy's outreach program in Ladakh left a lasting impact during its visit to Lamdon School. The presence of Admiral R. Hari Kumar and the engaging interactions between naval officers, students, and faculty demonstrated the Navy's dedication to fostering greater participation of Ladakhi youth in the defense services. This visit not only enhanced the students' understanding of the Indian Navy but also served as an inspiration for them to consider a career in the armed forces. Lamdon School extends its deepest gratitude to Admiral R. Hari Kumar for choosing Lamdon School Leh for this impactful outreach program, which undoubtedly left an indelible impression on both the students and the Indian Navy.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Smt Kala Hari Kumar who is the President of the Navy Wives Welfare Association for their generous donation towards the School.


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