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Breaking Taboos, Empowering Women: Lamdon's Commitment to Comprehensive Menstrual Hygiene Education.

Menstruation holds a special significance in the lives of girls and women, symbolizing the completion of womanhood. However, in 2023, societal and cultural factors continue to hinder the provision of comprehensive menstrual hygiene education to adolescent girls. They encounter various challenges during their menstrual cycles. In this evolving 21st century, there are positive transformations occurring, especially in breaking the silence and stigma surrounding menstrual health. This shift will play a crucial role in bringing this issue to the forefront.

At Lamdon, we prioritise educating students about menstruation, empowering them to take charge of their reproductive health. We are fortunate to have a dedicated medical professional overseeing the well-being of our students, providing them with timely information on various health matters, including women's health and hygiene.

As part of our menstrual hygiene initiative, in collaboration with the district health department, we distributed sanitary pads to girls, encouraging the engagement of women and girls in the community. We firmly believe in sensitizing students about maintaining proper hygiene and dispelling misconceptions surrounding menstruation and women's health and hygiene.

We are confident that these awareness programs, targeting both boys and girls, will contribute to their improved health and hygiene management, leading to happier and healthier children. This is our daily aspiration.

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