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Producing women leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics through STEM Education.

Seeing the significance and relevance of STEM education, Lamdon School in collaboration with the EY Foundation launched the EY STEM APP. Stanzin Chosphel, Executive Councillor, LAHDC Leh was the Chief Guest, Santosh Pathak Head EY Foundation, Ritu and Arushi were virtually available at the launch.

EY STEM App is designed for girls around the world to get hands-on with Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics. It is an innovative gamified learning app that aims to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders in STEM and to create a more equal future.

We see STEM-based education teaches children more than science and mathematics concepts. The focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications helps develop a variety of skill sets, including creativity, SDGs. and 21st-century skills. It can help students to attained skills that include problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more. Regardless of the future career path considered by our students, these skill sets go a long way to preparing them to be innovative. Through EY STEM App we can scale up the STEM education to girls students who are above 13 years old. Approximately 800 students from 7-12 classes have registered for the EY STEM education.

With the introduction of this App, we endeavour to stimulate young minds to learn and pursue high-growth STEM careers and attain their potential to become future leaders. The free-to-use app connects girls with a wide range of learning activities, from exploring new technologies, such as AI and blockchain, to learn how design thinking can help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. Supported by inspirational stories of pioneering women.The good news is that parents don’t have to pay any extra fee for the STEM education but we request parents and guardians to kindly monitor the effective application of the STEM App.

With introduction of STEM education we believe more girls students will choose STEM career so that future we will have more women leaderships in STEM.

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