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Over 400 students are getting scholarships and ensuring no child is deprived of education...

At Lamdon, it is our philosophy to make education reachable to all students, including those from poor and disadvantaged families. With this in mind, we have over 400 children in the school receiving free education, boarding, and lodging through generous scholarships from well-wishers mainly non Ladakhi. Through scholarships, we aim to ensure access to education and put an end to generational poverty with a long-term, customised program that stays with children throughout their lives.

We have our sponsors or at least a representative visits the school every year to see the kind of impact they are making on each of the children. Ms. Chantel, a very generous and compassionate lady from France has been supporting our children for the last many years and has her own association “Jullay Association” to provide support to our children. We were glad to receive her at the school after the pandemic. Most of the students who got scholarships through her association are successful in life i.e. one students is a doctor and other is a banker in a reputed bank. She interacted with the students and shared her happiness over the progress of the school and the children. An interesting point she shared and made every one of us ponder upon was the fact that all the supporters including herself come from a very humble background but manage to support the children through giving up something or the other in their own lives in order to help all the kids who are in need.

Over the years, we have observed today many people from Ladakh are well off, however, the concept of supporting a child in need is still being kept on foreigners and outsiders. We believe that our own people in Ladakh and India too can support children who unfortunately still have to rely on the generosity of outsiders to help. When you make a gift to the education programs, you provide the resources, tutoring programs, and more for children from kindergarten through high school and beyond. Such support will release the children in need from a cycle of short-term decisions and helps them gain the ability to begin contributing to their own families and communities. While we appreciate the generosity of outsiders, we humbly appeal to all rich people of Ladakh to reach a needy and deserving child; they don’t need your pity but your love and concern.

We hope that in the future, we will have more people from Ladakh to invest in the education of children, helping them get the education, life skills, and confidence they need to break free from poverty. We are grateful to all our kind and compassionate supporters like Ms. Chantel for their continued support of students’ education program.

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