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North Zone Culture centre artists performed mesmerising cultural dances to Lamdon Students

It is essential to prepare our students to adapt to an evolving world and embrace those different from our culture and tradition. Encouraging the inclusion and awareness around multicultural education with a culturally responsive approach will benefit each and every student and will foster the student to accept and prepare themselves thrive in an exponentially diverse world.

Lamdon reiterates the importance of teaching children about diversity and accepting multiculturalism as a positive aspect of life and thus to celebrate the unique diversity of our Nation, we collaborated with the North Zone Culture Centre to display the various cultural songs and dances of different states of India which were well performed by the artists of the North Zone Cultural Centre. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the mesmerising performances by the artists.

We very much hope that such events develop a multitude of valuable attitudes and transferable skills in our students such as acceptance, inclusion and equality.

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