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Lamdon Theatre Club's performed Play "La-Yougs" at Ladakh Children Theatre Festival

Theatre in education provides the confidence and self-awareness to take on any challenging opportunity that may come their way. The benefits of theatre in education reach far beyond the tactical skills of the craft. Students, through the interdisciplinary and multi-sensory instruction inherent in the arts, are given access to the development of the holistic learner in ways never before thought possible. This access in turn offers these students the ability to develop the skills necessary in being able to experience and analyze their environments in profound new ways and to communicate these experiences and understandings.

With the Theatre club, we incorporated ‘Theatre in education’ making it an essential element of learning. This has given our students the chance to celebrate the sheer richness and depth of human expression in all of its forms and many of them have expressed that theatre helps them develop the confidence that's essential to speaking clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully.

In the ongoing Ladakh Children’s Theatre Festival, our students proudly presented the Play “La-Yougs” which shows Old age plight and dismal condition. Through this play, the students urged all people who neglect their old parents and grand parents to think about the moral values which they have inculcated in and try to be kind and affectionate towards them. It brought tears in the eyes of the audience.

Our Principal facilitated the legends of Ladakh in the field of Art, Culture and Theatre and expressed his gratitude on behalf of our school for their guidance and mentorship. We thank the Administration of UT Ladakh and the Ladakh Academy of Art, Culture and Languages for giving this platform to our children.

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