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Lamdon Science Fest 2023 held as part of Lamdon Golden Jubilee Celebrations with over 23 Schools...

The Lamdon Science Fest 2023, held at the Gyalsras Bakula Hall in Lamdon School, marked the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Lamdon, a special occasion commemorating Scientific Excellence and Inspiring Innovation among students. This prestigious festival showcased a remarkable display of scientific projects and experiments, serving as a testament to the dedication and countless hours of research undertaken by students from Leh and Kargil districts.

The Lamdon Science Fest provides a dynamic platform for students to exhibit their scientific acumen and engage with renowned scientists, researchers, and educators from various disciplines. The event encompasses a wide range of activities, including interactive exhibits, captivating scientific demonstrations, scrap-to-crafts, paintings, and thought-provoking presentations. This unique combination of initiatives encourages young minds to explore the exciting realms of science and innovation.

The festival offers numerous opportunities for attendees, including gaining insights into the latest scientific models and innovations, conducting interviews with talented students and educators to learn about their projects and experiences, capturing captivating visuals of innovative exhibits and experiments, and ultimately promoting scientific education on a broader scale.

The Lamdon Science Fest 2023 not only highlights the outstanding achievements of students from Ladakh but also aims to inspire and encourage other young individuals to explore the fascinating world of science. By showcasing these remarkable projects and initiatives, the festival hopes to ignite a passion for scientific inquiry and innovation.

With its captivating displays and thought-provoking presentations, the Lamdon Science Fest 2023 stands as a testament to the remarkable potential within the student community of Ladakh and their unwavering dedication to scientific exploration. It is poised to make a lasting impact, inspiring the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

The festival was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Shri Tsering Angchuk, Hon’ble Deputy CEC, LAHDC Leh, and Shri. Tsering Namgyal, Leader of Opposition, LAHDC Leh, who were joined by Sh. Sonam Dorjey Namgial, Chief Education Officer and Shri. Tsetan Dorjey, Principal DIET Leh as guests of honor.

Addressing the gathering, Shri. Phunchok Angchuk, President of Lamdon Social Welfare Society, provided a brief introduction to the Lamdon Social Welfare Society and the ongoing Golden Jubilee Celebration. He extended an open invitation to all the participants for the upcoming Lamdon Yarchos Chenmo Celebration in the first week of August 2023, which will be graced by the presence of H.H the 14th Dalai Lama.

Dr. Stanzin Dawa, Principal of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, shared his vision for an enriching and empowering Ladakh. He expressed his delight over the participation of schools from both districts of Ladakh and he commended the schools for exemplifying a symbiotic relationship between nature, science, and compassion. He further shared "The Lamdon Science Fest 2023 aims to foster a spirit of curiosity and creativity among students, while providing them with the opportunity to interact with experts in the field. This event acts as a catalyst for scientific education and serves as an inspiration for young individuals to pursue careers in STEM,"

Shri. Tsering Namgyal, Leader of the opposition, LAHDC Leh, expressed his joy regarding the science festival and highlighted that mega events of this scale will truly inspire and motivate the youth of Ladakh to build a prosperous future for the region.

Shri. Tsering Angchuk, Deputy Chairman of LAHDC Leh, expressed his appreciation to the organizing committee for involving schools from both districts of Ladakh, irrespective of whether they were government-run or private schools. He assured his support from LAHDC towards future events of this nature.

During the festival, prizes were distributed to winning schools and individuals across various categories, and all participants received certificates of participation.

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