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Lamdon School administration organises picnic for Kindergarten section and senior section...

There is no doubt that the school is the second home to the children and an important part when they grow up in their lives. It is a place where the children learn how to dream and how to follow the steps that lead to his destination in Life.

Among the various extracurricular activities and programs organised by the school administration, the annual school picnic is one the the most awaited one by the entire school including the teachers and students both. The word ‘PICNIC’ itself is something which will make the students flutter and laughter fills the air.

After days of drawling away on math sums and learning geographical locations in the world some of which may not even be a place of visit in this lifetime, the students yearn for a break where they can laugh limitlessly and find ways to succeed seamlessly and the annual school picnic is a short but lovely experience that engages the teachers and students into a world of fun that can never happen in classrooms.

The annual school picnic for the Kindergarten section and the higher secondary students was organised by the school administration yesterday and today. The whole celebration marked a transition away from pandemic restrictions where each and every child was given complete freedom to participate and enjoy themselves under the watch of concerned teachers and other staff. The laughter and amusement everyone get while on a school picnic cannot be equal to anything.

We thank the concerned teachers and staff for arranging the annual school picnic for all the students in a safe and sound environment.

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