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Lamdon School administration organised highly anticipated educational trips to students.

There is no doubt that schools are a second home to the children and an important part when they grow up in their lives. It is a place where the children learn how to dream and how to follow the steps that lead to their destination in Life.

Any school administration, they try their level best to adopt and design every possible method to impart the right kind of knowledge to the students. The choice of the method adopted depends upon the objectives, the entry behavior, the resources available and the entry behavior of the trainee, and so on. At Lamdon we have adopted as many methods as possible to provide the best quality education to the students and one of the best methods available (perhaps in every school in Ladakh) is known as the ‘Educational Tour or Field Trip’. We plan different short and long educational trips to the students with the target of global learning which can enhance the knowledge of students and can help them to see a clear picture of the theoretical things they have learned so far.

Getting away from school for a day or even half a day is always exciting for students, and Educational trips are always highly anticipated. After a long time because of the Pandemic, we finally were able to plan an annual educational trip for our students to different parts of Ladakh in different groups according to their interests.

It was extremely happy to see the students taking the most of these educational tours while having fun in a more informal environment. Moreover, the trip had teachers and staff members who did hands-on teaching with the visiting students. This trip which was away from the everyday atmosphere of the classroom gave the students the opportunity to spend time with each other in a new environment and connect on more of a personal level without the structure of the normal school day. A Student shared that they were able to see and enrich their knowledge of places and people they’ve learned about in the classroom. They also gained a deeper understanding of real-life situations and trends than a book can ever convey. Another student shared how these tours made them strong individuals and help them become more empathetic and respectful towards other cultures as well as towards their own surroundings.

The School administration deeply appreciates all the teachers and staff involved in planning and organizing these tours for the students and hopes that such trips will be beneficial for the students.

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