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Engaging Parents- A key stakeholder in child's Education Process through Parents Teachers Meeting..

Parents and families have the most direct and lasting impact on children’s learning and development. As the first educators of their children, they play a crucial role in their children’s educational journey. A stimulating home environment that encourages learning as well as parental engagement in in-school activities is crucial for a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Once the child is admitted to a school or an educational institution, the very holistic development of the child depends upon the hard work of the student, parent, and teacher. An Integrated effort of these three stakeholders gives the best possible learning outcomes for a better future for the child as an individual as well as the society.

One of the key things to cover the distance between these three stakeholders is hosting timely Parents Teachers meetings at the school which will help valuation of the academic and non-academic performance of the student.

The annual Parents Teacher meeting of the Kindergarten wing of our school was hosted in the Compound of the Kindergarten section itself with the participation of the Parents, Teachers, our Vice Principal, and Principal Dr. Stanzin Dawa. The meeting was indeed a unique and great opportunity for both the teacher and parents to work for the betterment of the child.

Ms. Tsultim Dolma, our Kindergarten Head presented. Detailed report of the KG wing since the school reopened for the children after Lockdown. The parents were given a detailed presentation of the various clubs being included in their child’s curriculum such as the Cooking Club, Dance Club, Art & Craft Club, and so on.

Some of the parents expressed their gratitude to the teachers and school administration. Some parents also came forward with creative Ideas that can be inculcated in the KG education curriculum to which the school administration assured its implementation.

In an emotional address, our Principal Dr. Stanzin Dawa expressed his deep gratitude to the team of teachers at the Kindergarten wing for their outstanding performance in imparting quality, holistic 21st-century education to the children. He also appreciated the parents for their constant help and support for the overall development of the children.

Active participation of a parent brings massive change in a kid’s academic performance. His nature of nurturing brings natural and holistic changes in a kid’s personality. It is necessary to share responsibility and accountability with parents for the holistic development of a child. The parent is directly responsible for the child's progress at home and in school. In fact, it is necessary to develop a strong bridge between parents and educators. We do hope to host and conduct such meetings for all the different sections on a regular basis so that the children grow up to be future leaders and contributors to making Ladakh a happy and healthy society.

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