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Connecting students with stars, Milkyway, and wildlife through educational exposure exposure trip..

At Lamdon, we believe that education is not just a bunch of certificates or a set of abbreviations before or after one’s name, but rather it's a state of mind and a way of thinking. It's our constant effort to bring the students out of their school comfort zone to have an experience and journey somewhere outside the school environment for a long and short duration both.

This time, 200 hundred students were left spellbound entering the picturesque South Eastern plains of Ladakh, Hanle. Away from their classroom and textbooks, and the limited boundaries of the school, Hanle was an out-of-the-box experience. Most of these fresh eyes have never seen this side of Ladakh before. Off all the educational tours we organized in the past, this has been the biggest highlight so far.

The educational visit to the Indian Astronomical Observatory just added to the wisdom nature of Hanle was pouring in. All of them have read about the world-famous observatory but being there and experiencing the wonders of Science and nature was altogether a different experience for them. You could see it in their widening eyes while looking at the giant telescope and their curiosity pouring out to the Scientists explaining the functions. The group was lucky enough to see the state bird Black Necked Crane, Wild Ass, Gull, Ruddy Shelduck, and Golden Eagle.

They also visited the very famous Hanle Monastery which is claimed to be one of the oldest in Ladakh. Blessed by the Guardian manifestation 'Gonbo' the sky, otherwise cloudy, the next night got cleared and we could see the Milky Way stretching across the sky among the millions of stars with our bare eyes. It was unbelievable. Along with the fun, the teachers also sensitized the students about the environment, while coming back they segregated the wet and dry waste and brought back every dry waste that was created during the whole trip.

The Principal of the school appreciated the teachers for organizing such a meaningful and life-transforming educational trip. Expressed our profound gratitude and thanks to the scientists at Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle for giving visual experience to our students about stars, and Milkyway.

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