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Welcoming Tiny Tots!

After being closed for about two years, the hustle and bustle was back in the primary and kindergarten section as the tiny tots, full of enthusiasm, returned to their classrooms today.

Cooped up indoors and with their activities limited to neighbourhood play areas till now due to COVID, the Kids and tiny-tots returned to schools smiling behind their colourful face masks. The Teachers and the school administration have been preparing to welcome the students of Primary and Kindergarten for sometime now and finally got the opportunity to shower the little one's with the warmest welcome. The thrill of being back at school was clearly visible among Children and they were greeted and welcomed warmly with balloons and toffees.

On their very first day, the school’s Primary and Kindergarten blocks were buzzing with activity in anticipation of welcoming the students. In addition, there was peppy music playing in the background, staff in costumes and the classes were well decorated. The teachers welcomed the students with songs and dances. Students were introduced to their new classes and new teachers.

With the Kids and tiny tots back in the school, the whole campus felt complete and was very excited to have the kids back.

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