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At long last, the schools across Leh are gearing up to welcome back their students by following regulations and SOP’s prescribed by the the District and UT Administration. Accordingly we at Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School have taken all the precautions to welcome back the students to an environment of safety.

We have so far been imparting education via online classes and are ready to carry on the thread and resume physical classes for students from the 7th of March Onwards. We are completely geared up to resume where we left off and almost every students are in sync with their classes.

The school administrations is making sure that the school environment is clean and sanitised and that all the safety protocols are enforced everywhere including the school buses, Classrooms and hostels so that nothing is left undone.

We are extremely excited to welcome our faculty members and students back to the campus after such an uncertain and troubling time for everyone.

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