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The internet is not a secure place because of limited regulations. The unawareness of users about threats that can face them in cyberspace, can cause the successful execution of such threats. Today, in a world which is adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic forcing everyone to adopt everything online especially the students spending more than half of their day on Mobile Phones online the need to establish a culture of awareness before entering the workforce is extremely needed.

Therefore, at Lamdon, we try our best to engage in the process to enhance cyber security awareness (CSA) among students from time to time. We are very glad that we were able to collaborate with the CyberPeace Foundation to conduct a webinar for our students on the topic ‘Cyber Security Awareness’.

Maj. Vineet Kumar, the Founder and President of CyberPeace foundation gave a detailed and informative presentation on the topic to the students and participants. We hope to provide and conduct more such sessions to our students to ensure that they are in a safe digital world.

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