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Thugsam Sal- A film on drug abuse, characters played by Lamdon students premiered at Lamdon..

Substance abuse is unfortunately common among students particularly after the COVID Pandemic and has resulted in a range of academic, physical, mental, and social problems. Educational curriculum has often focused on mainstream education and skipped valuable life lessons including raising awareness about drug abuse and its effects. Students are likely to spend 6 hours waking hours in the school environment around teachers, making the school's environment a key factor influencing the development of the students in a safe and healthy way.

At Lamdon, we are taking various actions to help prevent or manage substance abuse among students. We have introduced and have implemented a various physical and mental health awareness programs throughout the years including inviting eminent personalities in this field to give talks to the students, performing theatre play on such topics and so on. Lamdon Theater Club is one of the most socially engaged clubs we make plays on socially relevant issues. Thugsam-Sal is a film on drug abuse, played by Lamdon Theatre Club students produced by Leh Nutrition Project in the interest of all students of Ladakh and directed by Tsetan Angchuk. The main goal is to educate the students and public about the problem and the situation of substance abuses in Ladakh and to protect our young generations.

We are so glad our students of Lamdon Theatre Club gave a stunning performance in the film and it look actual situation. Disclaimer the students are performing the roles of addicted adolescents but they all are academically sound and did the role with a motive to protect their peers and younger generations of Ladakh. We strongly recommend every school should screen this film to create an enabling safe and healthy environment for students.

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