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School administration organised Annual School Picnic for Junior Section...

School life is a happy life not because the students don’t have any career pressure but because lot’s of happy memories are created during the school life. It is one of the important steps of a child towards a successful journey of life. Various events, programs and activities at school makes study for the students more interesting and engaging. Amidst the busy schedule of studies and activities in the school one name that turns the children excited is the annual school picnic. The word “PICNIC” itself is enough to make the children excited in school.

After more than 2 years of Gap, the annual school picnic for the Staff and students of Junior and Primary wing was organised today at the famous Shey Picnic Spot. The cool weather and the warmth of sunshine, made everyone feel refreshed. The students were dancing and playing with jolly moods all around. The picnic truly gave a temporary relief from their studies. Everyone enjoyed an appetising lunch. The environment was thrilled with the rejoicing voices of the children. It was indeed so refreshing to see the kids enjoying the annual school picnic after the two long year gap.

We are sure that the students feels fresh and are ready to take up their studies with renewed vigour.

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