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Lamdon School children lighting up soldier's Diwali with greeting cards

The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals and India is a melting pot of cultures. The festival of Diwali – marks the beginning of a new year with a series of solemn occasions, to celebrate the commencement of this festive period. Diwali, the light of festivals, generally evokes positivity among all, irrespective of young, old or religious beliefs. There are series of divine attributes present in every one of us & the use of the same is to carry out a unique divine purpose. Some have compassion, forbearance, some have love, strength, generosity; others have the ability to inspire, empower & unite people.

While Diwali is a holiday for most of the people, for security forces it is yet another day on the line of duty. Diwali is the celebration of the victory of good over evil, and our military is a fighting unit, that can be injected with this spirit, on any day, but especially on Diwali.

Creativity and children are inseparable issues. For kids, creativity provides them with an opportunity to practice original thinking, particularly when they’re allowed to engage in self-directed exploration. At Lamdon we have taken all possible steps to encourage children’s creativity. This time, with the festivals of Diwali in their mind, our children along with our Arts and craft teacher Ms. Zeenat Praveen came together to prepare Diwali greetings card to the security and armed forces to express their gratitude to the Indian Army and the forces sacrificing their own happiness and comforts for the safety of each one of us and the Nation. Decorated with paper quilling and glitter, the cards made by students had notes thanking soldiers for keeping the country safe. A total of 520 greeting cards were prepared by the students and have sent to the Indian Army.

We are so glad that the school is given the opportunity to provide high quality 21st century education to kids with Army background from both in and out of Ladakh. We do hope that these cards by the students will bring smiles on the faces of the brave hearts.

The School on behalf of the children, teachers and the whole management thank all the dear security forces for guarding the borders and emitting sparks at the enemy and being the light in the darkness of our borders.

Happy Diwali…

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