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Lamdon officially launched "Theatre in School Education"

As children are learning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of society and to apply that knowledge to their own lives, a major goal of our school is to provide learning experiences which will encourage and help the students during this period of change.

Theatre is one tool that will contribute significantly to that goal and for the total development of the children. It is one way to create a range of learning opportunities to the young children.

In order to fulfil the requirements of an academic discipline and a performing art, we officially launched ‘Theatre in School Education’ at Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School. This will help students about the important life choices and issues especially the complex topics that involves human emotions and interpersonal relationships.

The quality of theatre education in the school is directly dependent upon the quality of the instructor that is offering these training. Therefore, we invited an acclaimed theatre personality Mr. Sonam Stobgais who is an Alumni of our School and the National School of Drama to impart these training and skills to the students. We are sure under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. Sonam Stobgais, the students will be able to perform creative, curriculum based and participatory plays in schools specially designed and prepared for them.

We hope that with this addition of Theatre in School education, it will create an atmosphere that will encourage children, to raise questions, make decisions and choices with an awareness of themselves within larger society.

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