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Lamdon Bids Farewell to outgoing Class XII Students…

A time to reflect down the memory lane, a time to manifest sentiments and expression of gratitude, a time to reminiscence joyous moments spent in the school, filled the hearts of the students as another batch of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School was ready to embark on life’s new journey and to tread ahead in a world full of challenges and opportunities.

The new XII students of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School organised a grand function with joy and a heavy soul to bid farewell to their seniors passing out this year. This program surely reminds us that a part of our schools Alma matter will be leaving the boundaries of school this year. Spending years at the school have created a bond so strong that it genuinely creates a bittersweet moment for all the faculties at the school. The day was a celebration devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments.

As these students leave the four walls of this school, this community and family, it is only proper that as their school and alma mater, we wanted to give them a final message that they must take with them as they leave to face the world as Lamdon’s ambassadors. The School administration headed by our Principal and the teachers have always tried our best to build up confidence and nurture these students properly.

The juniors created an ambiences of enjoyment and music for their seniors to enjoy the last memories in the school. They endeavoured to leave a trail of nostalgia behind for the outgoing students by presenting pulsating musical and dazzling dance performances. These array of dances, songs, games and speeches by the students of new XII showed their attachment to their alma mater and the subsequent sadness at their departure.

Our Principal Dr. Stanzin Dawa advised the students to carry forth the values learnt during the comprehensive education that was imparted to them. He stressed on the values that Lamdon had imbibed in them and must carry with them wherever they go. The outgoing students were assured of the blessings of the management and teachers while issuing an open invitation to visit the school anytime in the future.

The outgoing students thanked their principal, teachers and the school management profusely for the huge impact made on their lives. They delivered emotional and passionate speeches that left everyone in the hall teary-eyed and nostalgic thanking and expressing their regard, love, and gratitude to the Management and teachers who had consistently guided them in the right direction and always served as a ray of hope and shine in their moments of difficulties.

The students were treated to a scrumptious meals. The day was filled with nostalgia and excitement, making us remember- “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

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