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Introducing School Cinema in the School Curriculum

School Cinema, a film-based learning module by LXL Ideas ensures entertainment and equipped the learners with the essential 21st century skills in order to become the discerning individuals of tomorrow.

Life skills is an integral part of school learning and most educators across the world find it difficult to teach life skills to children. At Lamdon, Life skills lessons are one of the most important aspects of our school curriculum. Ensuring our continuous commitment towards life skills and value-based education for the holistic development of our students we are collaborating with Lxl Ideas Pvt Ltd for School Cinema to teach Lessons of Life to the students from class LKG to Class 10th through Award-winning films and engaging activities of School Cinema which will help the students grow into confident and responsible individuals.

We formally launched and introduced the School Cinema to our students. The formal launching and introductory ceremony was held on the 13th of April at the Gyalsras Bakula Rinpoche Hall amidst students and parents. The parents and students were given a thorough presentation on the benefits and motive behind introducing School cinema to the children.

It is pertinent to mention that the teachers were given an extensive training program in the month of October 2021 where they were given a detailed presentations and activities which will help them impart these skills and lessons to our children.

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