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Gearing up to welcome back the students after Lockdown

After such an uncertain and troubling time for everyone, we felt it very important to give our children a special back to school welcome after lockdown. The School Administration is extremely proud of how resilient and positive our children have been throughout the unprecedented period of lockdown. From coping with school closure and the absence of dear friends to migrating into the world of online school, the children have, without exception, embraced every stage with an impressive attitude.

The first day at school after a break is usually filled with familiar faces and welcome-back hugs. However, this year, going back to school can be full of anxiousness due to the pandemic as it is still not completely over. Many students are discovering their first day at school isn’t exactly what they’d dreamed of. Meeting up with friends and getting together for a game of football is no longer a fantasy but students are facing difficulty in going back to school. The classes are no longer limited to screens and social interactions are surely beneficial for children.

Even though students might be anxious or excited to return to their classrooms, nothing has changed at Lamdon except the precautionary standards and a better facility. The Principal, Vice Principal and all the faculties are always available to help the students reach their potential and learn new things in the classroom every day.

Kindly listen to a voice message by Vice Principal Ms. Kunzes Angmo to provide both parents and students with all the information they need to prepare for back to school.

Here’s to staying safe and healthy, and having a return to in-person learning.

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Lamdon Model Sen. Sec. School

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