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Ensuring menstruation doesn’t get in the way of a girl's education

Menstruation is the most pious and respectable juncture of any girl or woman's life as it adorn them with the honour of title of being complete woman. However, today, even in 2022, cultural and social influences on people make it difficult to provide proper education about menstrual hygiene to adolescent girls. There are many challenges that they face during their menstruation cycle. In the 21st century, a lot of things are changing, and they are changing for the good. So talking about menstruation and celebrating will reduce silence and stigma around menstrual health, which in turn would be beneficial to bring this issue into the limelight.

It is always stressed upon and important at Lamdon to educate students about issues related to menstruation so that they can safeguard themselves and hold implications for professionals involved in improvement of reproductive health. We are glad to have a dedicated professional medical uncharge to take care of the children as well as giving timely information to the students on various health related issues including women’s health and hygiene.

As a menstrual hygiene intervention, with the kind help from the district health department, we distributed sanitary pads to the girls promoting women’s and girls engagement. We believe that the students should be sensitised about maintaining proper hygiene, and to remove misconceptions about menstruation and women’s health and hygiene at all time.

We are sure such awareness programmes from time to time among the students both boys and girls will help them for better management of their health and hygiene thereby leading to happy and healthy kids which is what we look forward to each and every day.

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