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No kids looks forward for only thick books or writing down hundreds of words to gain knowledge and no parents wants their child to sit on a classroom bench alone and gain knowledge. Extra curricular activities becomes utmost important in terms of teaching various kinds of lessons and morals to the kids.

At Lamdon, we have introduced more than 40 clubs to provide a space for students to develop their leadership skills and teamwork. The clubs have a plethora of benefits not only on the physical but on mental level too. The Clubs are introduced to the tiny tots of Kindergarten as well so that the overall educational growth and development of the students is ensured. Our hardworking teachers at the Kindergarten have introduced the Dance Club, Painting Club and cooking club to start with.

The Dance club will ensure to motivate the child to learn dance as it boosts physical fitness, sharpens mental skills, develops flexibility and agility, and fosters socio-emotional maturity. Similarly cooking club involves the kids to learn with the basics of cooking skills but moreover this helps the child to learn about nutrition and the art of sharing with others as well as letting them make healthy and informed decisions about food and eating. Although you can certainly just turn your kids loose with markers or finger paints, but the painting club will surely give them guided instruction as well as access to a much wider array of materials.

We are working constantly to see a number of other possibilities for keeping the children healthy and engaged. We are sure that with the introduction of these clubs, they’ll be having too much fun to even realise all the new skills they are learning.

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