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Widespread vaccination has been instrumental in helping curb the spread of coronavirus. Now that COVID-19 vaccines have reached billions of people worldwide, the overwhelming evidence confirms that vaccines offer protection against a disease that has claimed millions of lives worldwide. The pandemic is far from over, and vaccines are our best bet on staying safe. As the schools have opened after a long time, it has become very crucial for students in the age group of 12-14 years to get vaccinated.

Our school administration have been very cautious towards this virus from the very beginning. When the vaccination was first confirmed to be provided to all adults, we ensured for the vaccination of all our staff including all the teaching and supporting staff. Now, the vaccination drive for 12 to 14 years children are also being administered by the Government, with the help and support of the the administration of Union Territory of Ladakh, the health department is conducting vaccination drive in our school to make it more convenient to the students.

More than 290 students from 6th to 9th Standard above the age of 12 successfully got their jabs at the vaccination drive conducted at the school. Till now no student reported of any side effects although our own Medical and health officials at the school are ready 24X7 to provide any emergency medical help. We are extremely thankful to the Government of India and the administration of UT Ladakh for successfully conducting this vaccination drive.

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