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You will never met a coder who regretted learning to code, because learning to code is fun and empowering! At Lamdon we take pride in making the latest technology, methods and tools fun, creative, and easy to understand. We strive and empower our students to take a seat at the table, pushing innovation forward.

Our holistic approach to teach students with a focus on friendship, inclusivity, trust and personal growth is particularly designed to empower the students to grow into an outstanding and disciplined citizens in the world of technology and development.

As part of this program, we conducted an extensive workshop on coding to Master the basics of Computer Programming starting the 21st of Dec, 2021 onwards every Tuesday and Friday for 10 weeks. The workshop was conducted and instructed Mr. Sudhanshu Porwal, B.Tech. (Comp. Sc.), MBA (Marketing) and a Startup Enthusiast.

We are extremely glad that all the students who attended the workshop took full advantage of the whole workshop and has learnt the basics of Coding to it’s fullest. A CODING CONTEST was conducted at the end of the workshop. Two outstanding students were announced the winners of the contest although every students performed very well.

Ms. Kunga Gyalmo of 9th Standard was declared the 1st Prize and was awarded a certificate and a Cash Prize of Rs. 3000 and Mr. Diwakar Kaushik was declared the 2nd Prize and was awarded a certificate and a Cash Prize of Rs. 2,000. These students were felicitated by Our Principal Dr. Stanzin Dawa in the presence of Mr. Sudhanshu Porwal and the whole school at the assembly today.

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