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Celebrating Two Decades of Collaboration: Lamdon School Leh and UWCSEA Singapore

It is with immense pride and gratitude that we commemorate over two decades of an enriching partnership between Lamdon School Leh and the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA). This enduring collaboration has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless students, paving the way for them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. One remarkable facet of this collaboration is the annual scholarship through the UWCSEA staff scholarship program, granting a deserving student the chance to study at UWC Mahindra Pune. This invaluable support has opened doors to a world of possibilities for our Lamdon scholars. The Lamdon Green Project, a testament to our shared commitment to environmental stewardship, stands tall on the foundation of funding from UWCSEA and the HH Dalai Lama Trust. Today, our campus thrives with thousands of flourishing plants, representing a diverse tapestry of species. Among the hallmarks of our journey together is the Solar Water Heater, and passive solar cooking system, generously funded by UWCSEA. This pioneering initiative has not only brought sustainable energy solutions to our school but also serves as a shining example of the impact that collaborative efforts can achieve.

On the 17th of October, 2023, we were honoured to welcome Susan Edwards, the Head of Global Concerns at UWCSEA, along with her colleague Angela Ericson. whose presence illuminated our campus after a gap of nearly seven years. Their arrival was met with warm embraces and eager anticipation to share the strides we've made. Our Principal, Dr. Stanzin Dawa, extended a heartfelt welcome upon their arrival on the campus. Underscoring the significance of our shared values and partnerships to transform the lives of less privileged children, the day commenced with the planting of apple trees on the school campus, symbolizing our commitment to a greener tomorrow.

While welcoming Susan Edwards, and her colleague Angela Ericson, our Principal Dr Dawa proposed two “further strengthening our partnership by facilitating an educational exchange program for students and teachers from Lamdon School to visit Singapore during the upcoming winter holidays. While Lamdon School will be responsible for covering the costs related to travel, visas, and other necessary documents, we kindly request your assistance in arranging local transportation and accommodation. Our students and teachers can perform the Ladakhi cultural program for your students, teachers, and stakeholders in addition to this they can make presentations and deliver talks about Ladakh and school. Share the first-hand story of how the support from UWCSEA is making a transformative difference in students’ lives. We believe that this will greatly enhance the cultural immersion experience for our students and teachers.”

In addition to this, he also proposed “Considering the remarkable success and the positive impact of the UWC South East Asia, staff scholarships at Mahindra United World College, India for our students since 1998, we sincerely hope to continue this tradition. Therefore, I humbly request the generous and compassionate staff of UWC South East Asia, Singapore to kindly extend a scholarship to one of Lamdon School's students each year to study at UWC South East Asia, Singapore. This opportunity will undoubtedly make a world of difference in the life of a deserving student from Ladakh.”

Our students and faculties showcased their talents in honor of our distinguished guests at the Gyalsras Bakula Rinpoche Hall. Susan Edwards reciprocated the warmth and enthusiasm, expressing her delight at witnessing the growth of our school. She assured UWCSEA's unwavering and continuous support in our continued journey of progress.

Our alumni students, who received UWCSEA staff scholarships to pursue education at Mahindra United World College, India were also present to extend their gratitude to UWCSEA staff for their generous support.

A guided tour of our campus, highlighting the projects supported by UWCSEA also witnessed and extended their appreciation. The day culminated in an enriching interaction session with our English faculty, who shared insights into the implementation of English both as a subject and a language. They candidly discussed the challenges they face, underscoring the collective commitment to educational excellence.

In a final gesture of appreciation, a special luncheon was hosted in honor of our esteemed guests. This gathering was not only a testament to the enduring partnership between Lamdon School Leh and UWCSEA but also a celebration of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. We look forward to continuing our shared journey, and the impact we'll continue to create together!

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