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Lamdon Society

Lamdon Social Welfare Society, Leh, a welfare NGO was established in the year 1970 by a group of young dedicated Ladakhi youth. The main aim of establishing this society was to work for the welfare of the people in the Ladakh region. It was felt by the members that the main service should be towards the promotion of education and the health sector. The educational scenario of those days was very deplorable, hence the members of the society clearly foresaw 'Education' as the main tool of dispelling ignorance from the minds of the people as well as preservation & enrichment of unique cultural wealth of Ladakh and also stressed more on Ladakhi language and for its propagation besides the other subjects like mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, and Social Science as part of the national curriculum. With these objectives in mind, Lamdon Model School was established in 1973 in a rented building with just 12 children and one teacher. Besides establishing the school, Lamdon Society conducted many medical camps in different areas all over Ladakh in collaboration with the Medical Department and with the support of other well-wishers. Lamdon social welfare society is an independent society that focuses on the self-sustainability and betterment of people of Ladakh.


With the tireless efforts put by the members of Lamdon Society, the blessing of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, other Rinpoches and wholehearted support by the well-wishers, Lamdon Model School has firmly established itself as the leading educational institution in Ladakh. At present, about 800 students from the poorer sections of the society are getting freeship with kind and generous support from well-wishers and looking for generous donors for those students from poor & inaccessible areas of Ladakh who are dire need of assistance to meet their educational expenses. The two hostels are for students from all walks of life and especially for accommodating children from poor families in remote areas of Ladakh. Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Leh has now become one of the most reputed schools in Ladakh having its branches all over Ladakh with over three thousand children in its care.

The school enrolls students from all walks of life from the age of 4+ to 17 years and has classes from LKG (Lower Kindergarten) to 12th standard. Qualified, efficient and dedicated teachers and lecturers are employed in the school for effective teaching of all the subjects covering the formative aspects as well. Besides the academic teachings, students are exposed to games and sports and other co-curricular activities like debate, paining, dance & music competitions organized and conducted by the school sports and literary committee. The talented and the best students are awarded prizes and certificates. They also join other disciplines like NCC, Clubs and many other activities to achieve desired goals in these fields.

For the physical development of the children, the school conducts games including sports competitions at house level and boosts their morale. They equally participate in the competitions organized at the school level and also during important celebrations like Independence Day & Republic Day.

For incessant & untiring work in the welfare of children and for providing quality education, the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Women & Children Development, New Delhi in 1992 conferred the prestigious award "Childe Welfare Award" to Lamdon Social Welfare Society, Leh Ladakh in public recognition of the valuable services rendered to the community in the field of child welfare. Similarly, Mahabodhi International meditation Centre has awarded "Acharya Buddha Rakkhita Humanitarian Awards" to the school in 2002 and Ladakh Buddhist Association Leh has conferred "Bharat Ratna, Dr. Bimrao Ambedkar Award" to the society in 2009 for outstanding services to the humankind.

Many eminent personalities visited the school on different occasions and are highly impressed with the humanitarian work. The overall educational instruction is being given on the pattern of the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Bhoti (Tibetan) language is taught as a compulsory subject up to 8th standard. Since this school is affiliated to CBSE, the children are exposed to National Curriculum and are competing with lacs of children all over India.

Today Lamdon School is one of the leading educational institutions of Ladakh where all the children irrespective of caste, creed and economic status avails equal opportunities of education on Buddhist philosophies and modern-scientific education up to 12th class. It has Eight (8) branch schools in remote areas of Ladakh like Nubra, Zanskar, and khaltsi besides other prominent places. His Holiness the Dalai Lama very kindly holds the Patrons-ship of the School and unending benevolent blessings and guidance from His Holiness and good efforts from the dedicated team of the staff; the school is making good progressing in all the sphere of education from Buddhist Philosophies to modern scientific education. Today the main school of Lamdon known as Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School located at Leh has a student strength of 2014 with 115 teaching and nonteaching staff with separate residential hostels for boys and girls. The main objectives of Lamdon Social welfare Society are to look after the moral, educational, cultural and social needs of the Ladakhis. In particular (a)to promote and sponsor charitable works to help the needy once (b)to sponsor, patronize, literary works and treatise of social, moral and cultural value (c) to establish colleges, schools, hostels, orphanage houses, nurseries, associations, clubs, libraries and to main the same (d) to preserve and further he cultural heritage, traditions, art and literature of the Ladakhis. Furthermore, to strive for the overall betterment of people living in Ladakh particularly the poorer section of the society.

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