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Young kids are full of curiosity, creativity, energy and imagination. Lamdon’s kindergarten education bridges the pre-school and primary school years, offering these kids an enthusing and age-appropriate learning program that meets their distinctive developmental and educational needs.


We have a special wing dedicated solely to kindergarten, designed thoughtfully with the young kids in mind. The space includes six classrooms, a multipurpose room, a resource room and planning and meeting areas for teachers.

Led by nurturing teachers, kids will start to understand numbers and begin to read. They will learn through games and songs, make friends, develop explorative attitude, and discover something new every day.

Kindergarten admissions take place in the months of October and November. Applicants must be three years or above to apply to kindergarten.

Lower School


Lower school children are filled with wonder and a desire to understand all they experience. Our goal is for Lower School kids to develop the foundational knowledge, learning skills, and personality traits to prepare them for success in school and beyond. We prepare them to head off to Middle School with confidence and excitement.

Middle & High school


The goal of the Lamdon Middle and High school is for students to develop study and learning skills that will prepare them for Senior Secondary school and beyond. As per our language policy, it is mandatory for students of middle and high school to speak in English, so that they are prepared for work-life ahead. Emphasizing on skill and competency development of the students, every student has to participate compulsorily in one extracurricular club and one sports club of his/her appetite.

Varied extra-curricular activities provide myriad opportunities for the students to follow their passion or try something new

Senior secondary school


In the senior secondary school, our goal is to engage students in a challenging college-preparatory education that emphasizes critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and effective oral and written communication

Students must take five major courses as per the stream of their choice. They must also participate in club activities and sports classes. The students are also expected to participate in mentorship program, special lectures and all practical experiments & field trips. Our robust curriculum along with various extracurricular activities prepare our children for the future, guiding them towards independence consistent with the school mission.

Acadmic Facilities



Lamdon enjoys three libraries: One for Lower School, One for Middle School, and one for High School and above. The three have a combined collection of …… books. Each collection is apt to the grades it serves. Students receive instructions from their teacher/librarian in the use of library resources.

School Opening time



Begins at 10.00am & ends at 4.00pm

The school day

During winters, from Nov to Mar


School timings are 10.30am to 3.30pm

Winter holidays


from Mid-December to End of February

Summer vacations


10 days in the month of July



We believe that to impart 21st century education, technology acts both as a tool and an enhancement.

The school employs the services of ‘e-tutor’ as a learning and assessment tool. E-tutor also helps teachers to provide feedback and personal guidance to the students, assisting in closely monitoring their progress and areas of improvement.

The school has a huge auditorium with a stage, equipped with latest facilities for seminars, presentations, theatre and other academic and non-academic programs. There are computer rooms for the students to learn and get proficient in use of computer and integrated applications.

Lamdon continues to explore technology and have various digital projects lined up to be implemented in pending years. We aim at making every classroom a ‘smart classroom’ so that learning becomes more impactful and all-encompassing for the students. Our digital policy outlines the direction and philosophy that shall guide our use of technology and foster independent learning across all the grades.

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