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Women are the backbone of our society, and their health and wellbeing are of prime importance. Very often, owing to the lack of awareness, women health especially menstrual hygiene is not prioritised as an essential health need.

At Lamdon, we have always made the attempt to help our students get a better understanding of menstruation and it's basic biology. Our menstrual hygiene program always focuses on encouraging hygienic practices during menstruation, dispelling common myths and misconceptions associated with periods and enabling girls to speak about menstrual issues without inhibition and encouraging the boys to be supportive towards their sisters and friends during their periods.

In an attempt to yet again break the taboo and bring awareness about the need and importance of better menstrual hygiene, we collaborated with Chespa Foundation and organised a Menstrual Hygiene Awareness camp today. Ms. Hershi Salva was the resource person and delivered a detailed presentation to the students.

The students were sensitized in detail about various ways to manage these days effectively, to maintain proper hygiene, and to remove misconceptions about periods. They were also informed about how they can seek help in case of any problem related to menstruation.

We are sure that programmes like this will definitely facilitate the girl children for better management of their health and hygiene thereby leading to happy and healthy kids.

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