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Workshop on Sensitising Disabilities conducted at Lamdon

Persons with disabilities battle the pre-existing challenges that emerge as a result of their condition and society can often further limit the accessibility of such persons in the forms of stigmatisation and discrimination on the grounds of their disability. Awareness of persons with disabilities is one of the key for professional and everyday interaction.

Arushi- A Bhopal based NGO is working with and for the people with disabilities and various issues related to them. It’s Founder Mr. Anil Mudgal and his team of volunteers visited our school yesterday and conducted an extensive workshop to our students to give and awareness programme on how to deal with the issue and how to be sensitive to people with disability.

The Students were shown short clips along with audio messages on the topic and were given the opportunity to experience degrees of disabilities using blindfolds, making them to reflect and experience with discussions on the positive aspects of inclusion.

We are sure that such programmes positively influence and impact the attitude and behaviour of the youngsters towards the differently abled.

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