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Padmashri Dr. Tsering Nurbu addressed Lamdon students on World No Tobacco Day..

Tobacco use is an important behavioural risk factor which can be recognised and modified at a very young age. The use of Tobacco is detrimental at any time. However, it has proved to be more dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Lockdown.

On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day 2022, we collaborated with the SIT Narcotics Crime Unit of Ladakh Police and Health department to conduct a special awareness camp at our School. Ladakh’s most senior and renowned physician Padmashri Dr. Tsering Nurboo was invited as the keynote speaker on the occasion.

The guests speakers gave detailed presentation to the students on the harmful effects of Tobacco in the life of the students. Padmashri Dr. Tsering Nurbu in his keynote address spoke about the various methods in quitting the use of Drugs and tobacco. He said school plays an important role in imparting knowledge and shaping the behaviours and practices among children and appreciated the school administration for organising such timely awareness programmes. He also answered various questions put forth by the students on the topic.

Our Principal Dr. Stanzin Dawa while expressing his gratitude to Padmashri Dr. Tsering Nurbu and the guests speakers from Health Dept and Ladakh police assured to provide effective tobacco-use prevention programs to the children on a regular basis. He also announced the inclusion of No Tobacco ambassadors in the school’s already formed Guidance and Counselling committee.

At Lamdon, we have always strived to make the school a Tobacco free school and to achieve maximum effectiveness, the school administration and the guidance and counselling committee is carefully planning programs that can be systematically implemented.

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