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100% Results of Lamdon School in the 12th CBSE Board Examinations 2022...

Congratulations to all the students on the outstanding results of the CBSE Board 12th Examinations. We are extremely happy and delighted that all our students have successfully cleared their 12th Board examinations with excellent result despite the hardships and hurdles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year a total of 178 students appeared for their exam and everyone cleared the exam successfully resulting 100% pass percentage of the school..

The 100% result of our 12th Board exam shows the hardwork and dedication of all our teachers in imparting the right knowledge and education through online platforms which was a challenging in Ladakh where internet connectivity is poor.

Team Lamdon School headed by the Principal would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all our teachers for their hard work and dedication. We also express our appreciation to the parents, guardians and families of each and every students for their kind cooperation during the challenging times.

We wish all the students the best of everything you dream and do in the future.

Once again congratulations to all of you!

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