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We believe that to impart 21st century education, technology acts both as a tool and an enhancement.

The school employs the services of ‘e-tutor’ as a learning and assessment tool. E-tutor also helps teachers to provide feedback and personal guidance to the students, assisting in closely monitoring their progress and areas of improvement.

The school has a huge auditorium with a stage, equipped with latest facilities for seminars, presentations, theatre and other academic and non-academic programs. There are computer rooms for the students to learn and get proficient in use of computer and integrated applications.

Lamdon continues to explore technology and have various digital projects lined up to be implemented in pending years. We aim at making every classroom a ‘smart classroom’ so that learning becomes more impactful and all-encompassing for the students. Our digital policy outlines the direction and philosophy that shall guide our use of technology and foster independent learning across all the grades.


For current happenings and events at Lamdon, please visit our social media sites. If you wish to contribute to the growth of our school, please visit our ‘Support Lamdon’ and ‘Volunteering at Lamdon’ pages.  


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