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MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ( 6th to 10th )

The goal of the Lamdon Middle and High school is for students to develop study and learning skills that will prepare them for Senior Secondary school and beyond. As per our language policy, it is mandatory for students of middle and high school to speak in English, so that they are prepared for work-life ahead. Emphasizing on skill and competency development of the students, every student has to participate compulsorily in one extracurricular club and one sports club of his/her appetite.

Varied extra-curricular activities provide myriad opportunities for the students to follow their passion or try something new


For current happenings and events at Lamdon, please visit our social media sites. If you wish to contribute to the growth of our school, please visit our ‘Support Lamdon’ and ‘Volunteering at Lamdon’ pages.  


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