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Young kids are full of curiosity, creativity, energy and imagination. Lamdon’s kindergarten education bridges the pre-school and primary school years, offering these kids an enthusing and age-appropriate learning program that meets their distinctive developmental and educational needs.


We have a special wing dedicated solely to kindergarten, designed thoughtfully with the young kids in mind. The space includes six classrooms, a multipurpose room, a resource room and planning and meeting areas for teachers.

Led by nurturing teachers, kids will start to understand numbers and begin to read. They will learn through games and songs, make friends, develop explorative attitude, and discover something new every day.

Kindergarten admissions take place in the months of October and November. Applicants must be three years or above to apply to kindergarten.


For current happenings and events at Lamdon, please visit our social media sites. If you wish to contribute to the growth of our school, please visit our ‘Support Lamdon’ and ‘Volunteering at Lamdon’ pages.  


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